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From the very beginning - Unidienst as a Microsoft Partner for Dynamics CRM

Back in 2003, as Microsoft Dynamics CRM was first introduced, Unidienst as one of the first software vendors in Germany has been invited by Microsoft to participate in the testing and the launch of the product.

Since then a lot has happened, Unidienst created in the scope of the more than 250 implementations industry solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM: established and constantly enhanced customer management solutions for medium and large enterprises.

UniPRO/Industry Solutions for Customer Relationship Management are

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the needs of the manufacturing sector such as machine and plant construction, automotive engineering, manufacturers of construction materials or medical technologies
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for financial services providers
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for seminar and event management
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for consulting services

Since the early beginnings Unidienst combines CRM with individual ERP components to provide the optimal tool for the customers business process (such as the UniPRO/Configurator, certified by Microsoft).

"Consistent customer orientation does not start with marketing and customer care; the point is developing the products that the customer needs, and to deliver them in a timely manner and with the best quality. Therefore, with Unidienst, ERP functions have to be viewed as integral parts of a comprehensive CRM strategy", Bert Enzinger.

This results in the industry solution UniPRO/CRM+ERP with which Unidienst developed the functionality of a complete ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is thus suitable for production plants.