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With "Fast Track", Unidienst has developed a method which enables Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions to be brought into rapid use. With this innovative strategy, we can offer an alternative to the established "Sure Step" approach from Microsoft which is of especial interest to small and medium-sized companies to whom large-scale financial resources are frequently unavailable:
Through the use of the existing sector solutions and appropriate standard processes, a CRM/ERP system doesn’t have to be a dream!

The Fast Track method: back in 1985, Masaaki Imai realised that when it came to European project management, Europeans and Americans have a tendency to make detailed plans which they are then forced to implement in a time-consuming way. He compared this with the Kaizen method, the method of continuous improvement, according to which it is possible to reach a goal more quickly and respond to the given situation in several small steps.
The advantage of smaller steps: it is possible to check whether you are on the right path after each step. Corrections which may be required due to changing circumstances or new findings can be completed quickly and at low cost.
The following applies to each step:
  • The business process to be implemented is analysed for its impact on other business processes so that it can be viewed on an isolated basis.
  • Implementing a Best Practice solution which is as proximate to the business process as possible.
  •  As far as possible, changes are made to these Best Practice solutions. It is initially verified whether the required goal can be achieved with the specified process.
  • Bringing the business process provided in this way to immediate use and taking the experience gained during its application into the discussions for the following step.
With a rapid implementation, no step should take longer than 3 months – from the identification of the business process which is to be implemented through to the commissioning.
Unidienst achieves the quality assurance during the implementation of the business processes by
§  control loops and feedback

§  selecting the optimum sector packages
§  the sustained optimization of the existing standards through continuous further development and adaptation

The "Sure Step" method introduced by Microsoft includes a sophisticated set of rules surrounding the analysis, design, development, provision, operation and implementation of software projects. On this basis, these can be implemented in the defined timeframe and with a pre-estimated budget. The goal is to provide security against possible risks to the customer and the company. This increases the likelihood of success with large-scale projects.