Unidienst Organisation und Software

The declared aim of Unidienst is to provide the customers our know-how so that a significant improvement in profitability is noticeable because of tight business processes and efficient working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and UniPRO/Industry Solutions.

CEO Bert Enzinger considers ERP functionality as integrated components of a comprehensive CRM strategy and expands the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM constantly in this direction.

I want our customers to use their CRM system efficiently. Therefore, the heart of our business is not only the development of a business application, but also consultation and implementation of CRM and ERP projects for medium-sized and large companies.

We are not leaving our customers alone, because we want to be a stable partner:
With complete customer care, from the design all the way to project management, the implementation of our industry solutions and the software development of individual demands, including training and user support for the delivered applications. Once the implementation phase has concluded, Unidienst continues offering services around Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As your partner for success, Unidienst strives to offer a thorough customer oriented service by means of the administrator and user hotline, and the permanent supply of outside information.

All members of staff in the areas of sales, project management and project services are very familiar with our products and generally qualified as Microsoft Software Advisors. Members of staff of the area of user support and programming are trained in VB.NET, especially programming with Delphi, VB.NET and C#. Moreover, they are very adept at working with SQL Server, Reporting Services, SharePoint and Biztalk programming as well as with the Microsoft Server-operating systems.

By using existing industry solutions and suitable standard processes, on the basis of the „Fast Track“-method developed by Unidienst GmbH, the UniPRO/products will be put into operation by the customer after a short implementation phase. The products are provided either for CRM Online or OnPremise.
Unidienst offers a range of services alongside the development and installation of Microsoft Dynamics xRM:

  • consultancy services that may include designing a concept, moulding business processes and reviewing the course of the project
  • data mining and segmentation of customers, distribution channels, and product data
  • creation of necessary programs in case the standard range of functions was not sufficient to cover individual needs
  • instruction of administrators and users
  • administrator and user hotline
  • and the permanent supply of outside information