Microsoft Presents Unidienst...

A trailblazing Microsoft Partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Unidienst has been realising customer-specific projects as well as CRM sector solutions since the year 2003.

Ever since its beginnings, the company's philosophy has been based on creating the best possible benefits for its customers by complementing Customer Relationship Management with ERP components.

Now, in the form of UniPRO, solutions in standard "service packages" are available which thanks to their rapid implementation, sector-specific functional scope and modular configuration are also of interest to small and medium-sized companies:

In particular, Unidienst is also your reliable partner if you don't find making a decision on the use of a CRM system easy: benefit from the experience we are able to draw on from over 40 years of work in the fields of management consulting and software development that extends far beyond our partnership with Microsoft!