Do you know what your customers want?

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM for service providers the guesswork is over. The service area has experienced greater growth in the past couple of years than any other branch in Germany – the transition from an industrial to a service economy has long been completed. But for service providers, the perspectives are not always great. The general globalization trend does not halt in the face of this branch either, it has to expect greater competition from low income economies as well and will have to brace itself for greater cost pressures. In addition, service providers are faced with specific challenges as well: fluctuating need for staff, unprofitable project calculations and an overflow of data that has to be turned into sensibly organized and relevant information. These are stress factors for many companies.

Branch solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for service providers help you to actively approach these challenges. Unidienst is very familiar with the realities of the service sector of the economy, and is therefore able to offer you customized software for your business.

On our websites for service providers we inform you about current market trends and technological developments, and introduce you to customized branch solutions.

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