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When competing for customers, it is important to always be one step ahead of the competition.

UniPRO/CRM gives your company a significant advantage in creating profitable customer relationships. The application offers swift access to customer data, facilitates fast customer service, spares the staff the search effort and allows them to fully concentrate on the sale.

With UniPRO/CRM contacts, potential customers, quotes and orders can be easily tracked, accelerating the process significantly. A multitude of predefined reports, campaigns, chances of sale, customer records as well as analysis tools give you a quick and comprehensive overview.

Extensions such as UniPRO/CTI-phone integration – segmentation criteria with detailed people and feature management – facilitate the implementation of your marketing campaigns. The possibility of integrating images in forms allows you to represent quotes, products and contacts visually. Moreover, the integration of Microsoft SharePoint complements the solution, offering you an optimal platform for your document management.

Solutions such as copying existing quotes, integrating a route planner, attaching a scanner or the reminder feature for tasks, phone calls, appointments and customer birthdays facilitate your daily activities and save you valuable time.

The flexible adjustability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM also allows the extension of the system through additional ERP components. Depending on your needs, you can complement your sales, stock, product configuration and manufacturing modules with a powerful web application.