for asset management and fund operations

UniPRO/Finance was developed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Asset managers, consultants and fund operators use it to optimize their customer-oriented business processes.

A growing number of funds can barely be differentiated from each other in terms of product features and prices by the layman. Faced with this situation, clear and on-going profiling in respect to your customers is essential. You have to identify your key advantages over your competitors and use them strategically. Nowadays, customers especially appreciate transparency, openness and clarity when it comes to products as well as
(pro-)active performance communication.

Moreover, customers desire a cooperative relationship in which goal-oriented paths are explored together and in which potential complications are avoided. As an asset manager you should be able to go by what the customer desires, not by what the technology allows, all the while guaranteeing appropriate performance.

Service quality in sales is the centrepiece here: This is the point at which the provider is directly recognized by the customer. It is all the more important that the customer service representative not only offer his own knowhow and soft skills but that he can count on methodically prepared information to support his assignment.

UniPRO/Finance supplies you with that information. It provides the sales department with appropriate arguments as to how products are to be sold, how a consultation or a sales conversation is to be prepared and designed, or how critical matters have to be dealt with. At the same time, improvement opportunities with regards to customer-needs-oriented service are clarified. The goal is to enable the sales department to deliver according to the customer’s vision. Consistent customer service and development will keep gaining in importance in the future – and being able to avail of different communication channels will be of fundamental significance.

Whether you act by phone, fax, letter or requests through partner companies, UniPRO/Finance tracks all information about the customer in a manner that allows it to be retrieved again at any time. The UniPRO/CRM branch solution allows you to organize customer care, and to create quotes, contracts and portfolio overviews as well as fee invoices.