What is the best way to improve an organization’s efficiency? By avoiding mistakes!
That is a simple, obvious truth for business, which can however not always be put into practice.
Especially at companies that produce complex and varied products, where a multitude of factors like design, production technology, and material resource allocation all have an influence on results, a high error rate often seems inevitable. Improvisation and employee commitment cannot always compensate for these failures in the process.

With the UniPRO/Configurator you can even handle complex and varied products!
We have been developing product configurators for complex and varied products since 1983. Our product configurators have proven themselves in many branches, being available for IBM System System i (formerly AS/400) as well as different ERP solutions. Developed on the bases of the new .NET technologies, the UniPRO/product configurator is also implemented in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Some renowned customers such as Volvo Construction Machinery Austria Ltd., are already writing their quotes and orders with it.
Microsoft has certified our UniPRO/product configurator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Version 3.0, 4.0 and 2011, thereby confirming that it adheres to their strictest guidelines.