Automatic export of data into another database
- Embedding pictures into Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- Assigning received emails to several processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- Linking entities with detailed entities from the quote, the order and the invoice
- Editing saved Word documents
- Embedding scanner documents
- SharePoint Folder in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- Appointment reminder

CTI – telephony integration
- Digital configurator for customer acquisition
- Methodical segmentation criteria to gain customers and their loyalty, and to get them back
- Organizing subventions for commercial partners’ advertisement cost

Order-related time registration
- Transferring order data into IBM system I (AS/400)
- Importing order data from a website into Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- Accessing orders and billing
- Dialogue configurator for the creation of conversation protocols
- Qualifying leads from external staff, and exporting and importing Excel files for that purpose
- Synchronizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM contacts with Outlook
- Product configurator to create quotes with complex and varied products
- Commission billing all the way up to more complex billing processes through ediator levels
- Sending reports by mouse-click per email
- Route planning
- Chances of sale, copying quotes or orders
- “What ifs” with Excel about quote or order positions
- Determining the sum out of the chances of sale or quote or order details
- Editing price, discount and contribution margin about all quote and order positions
- Organize partner offers in contract businesses

Creating and administering license data
- Digital service record and service bill – a strong package
- Division of labour among the members of staff

Automatically generated bills for all participants of an event
- Automatic number assignment, for example customer number for a company
- DATEV pro 1.2 billing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- Disk clearing for movements and payments in DTAUS format
- Importing bills from an Excel file in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- Administering billing status out of OP-Import
- Periodical generation of bills
- Tracking bills, representing and administering open positions

Calculating stock and reservations

E-Service do it yourself
- Analytics – retaining a good overview
- The perfect event has to be well organized
- Notification – fast reactions are key
- Extended sales prognosis – making sense when looking ahead