UniPRO/CRM+ERP – Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Production Plants

A consistent customer orientation does not start with marketing and customer care.
The point is developing the products that the customer needs, and to deliver them in a timely manner and with the best quality. 
Therefore, with Unidienst, ERP functions have to be viewed as integral parts of a comprehensive CRM strategy.
In the same way, we strive to achieve order, transparency and efficiency in the use of resources– in the entire company.

Nowadays, reacting quickly to the customer’s needs in the areas of order processing and customer care both when giving quotes and when modifying orders is an absolute must. The desired services are not just becoming ever more complex but also more varied. Whosoever sells his products and services today has to be adept at catering to the customer’s needs and wishes in a flexible manner, as well as at delivering services quickly and efficiently.

Quality from the production all the way up to sales. The perception that your customer has of your company does not only result from the quality of your product. A series of other criteria such as delivery time, loyalty to delivery dates, attention to customer’s desires about modifying orders, etc, are gaining in importance. Production planning takes centre stage. It is not just essential to fulfill expectations but to do so as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.
Unidienst spares you the daily routine and frees you up for your most important tasks – optimizing production resources and working to meet customer requirements that do not fit the norm.

Unidienst’s UniPRO/CRM+ERP software makes it possible to process more complex services and products. Automatically and while the order data is being registered, the technical requirements are checked, the costs are calculated, and the price including description for a quote and order confirmation is engendered. The complete registration of all services in a unified system has the advantage that the status quo of the company can be viewed at any time. With that, a control system is made available that allows you to recognize strengths and weaknesses of the company, of the area and of the product.

Furthermore, it is guaranteed that each order position can be engendered safely and without enquiries. The automatically generated list of items also offers working guidelines for storage, acquisition and production. Delivery dates are calculated and suggested by the Unidienst software taking into account available production and assembly capacities as well as replenishment times for the required materials.

guarantees an interrelation of all of the company’s departments without any loss of information. For you, that means the constant availability of an exhaustive overall view as well as accurate material availability. Processing times are reduced thanks to planning based on comprehensive and accurate data. Simulating production processes during the planning phase gives you information about future bottlenecks and allows you to act on time. You are freed from unnecessary time pressure and are able to avoid emergency situations by means of the automatic communication of information as well as realistic delivery date confirmation based on accurate data.

Optimal load and route optimization guarantee punctuality in delivery times in the most cost-effective way possible. Combination of partial and complete deliveries. Delivery to different addresses with different billing addresses. Summing up different delivery addresses on one invoice – with separate indications for each place of delivery. Delivery from different plants in one load to the drop-off point. Thought-through delivery logistics also result in competitive advantage.
Total Quality Management also means quality in the delivery and quality in the invoicing process.

UniPRO/CRM+ERP helps you in supporting your customers in administrative matters as well. You prepare the invoicing documents the way the customer wants it.